Year-Long Fellowship Groups: The small group ministry consists of Life Together Groups (LTG). These groups focus on friendship, fellowship, and “doing life together.” We believe that in order for people to learn how to care about God they must also learn to care about each other. We understand that you cannot care about everyone in the church, but you can care for a few people very well.

For the first eight weeks, new groups discuss Pastor Nathan's sermons. The discussion questions for those studies can be found with the weekly messages. After the first eight weeks, each LTG is free to set up their group to function in any way they please, but they generally meet at least twice a month. The groups are encouraged to study God's word or to do a study on Christian living, but that is up to each LTG. Find out more about the philosophy of small groups at Berean Community Church here and see a listing of all the current Life Together Groups here.

Joel Kuhlmann is the Ministry Coordinator for these small groups. To learn more about them or to participate in one of these groups, please submit the Small Group Interest form or contact Joel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..