Giving to Berean Community Church

For those who call Berean their church home, there are a couple options for online giving, both of which are available by logging into your MyBCC account in the church database tool. (If you have never logged in, click the "Sign Up" link on the login page to create a password for your account.)

After logging in, there will be a Give tab in the upper portion of your starting page. Click the tab and you will then see options for one-time and repeating monetary gifts.

 CCB Give

If you do not have a MyBCC account and you would like to give a one time online gift, you can do that by clicking here.


  • Online giving is set up to only accept bank payments and debit cards, but not credit cards. We feel this is a good balance between providing convenience in giving but not encouraging anyone to spend beyond their means.
  • In order to maximize the benefit of your gifts, we prefer your giving comes from your checking account rather than your debit card. The recommended donation methods, in order of preference, would be:
    1. Automatic bank payment, typically called "bill pay" or something similar, set up directly through your bank. There is no charge to Berean and usually no charge to you, either. Just have your bank send the check to the church office at the address in the header above.
    2. Checking account payment set up through the MyBCC link (the Checking Account buttons in the image above). This costs Berean about 1% for each transaction.
    3. Debit card payment set up throught the MyBCC link (the Bank/Credit Card buttons in the image above). This costs Berean between 3.5% and 4.5% for each transaction.

Some thoughts on giving from the Berean Elders

Giving is a form of worship. That's why this page is in the Worship section of the website. While we acknowledge the convenience of online giving and hope it will encourage more regular giving for some who struggle in that area, we would also caution against an "out of sight, out of mind" mentality with giving. Galatians 5 talks about the idea of habitually walking in the Spirit and we want to be led by the Spirit in all things, including our giving. As you are considering the different methods to give back to the Lord, make sure you are not automating the act of giving to the extent that you forget why you are giving. We would not want anyone to miss out on the joy of giving by never having to even think about it.

God will also provide opportunities to practice spontaneous giving above and beyond what we regularly set aside for the church overall. Let us continue to be sensitive to how He might be leading us to practice this kind of active, participatory giving even if we have automated the transfer of our primary gifts.